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Immigration Connoisseurs

Minashpro is a Canadian corporation with an office in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and a subsidiary office in Kingston, Jamaica. The consulting company boasts a background of almost 10 years of immigration experience with a 93% Acceptance Rate on applications submitted

Canada has been ranked #1 in the world for quality of life. Take a moment... and let that sink in.
The opportunities available in Canada continuously supersede the expectations of newcomers. Canadians boast a standard of living that is enviable not only in North America but also across the world! We believe everyone should aim to level up and, at the very least, obtain the experience of what it is like to live the Canadian dream.

At Minashpro our focus is dedicated to making it easy for persons coming to Canada and live their best life. Whether your aim is to travel to Canada for school, work, tourism or simply to make Canada your new home, we want the process to be hassle-free. Give us the wheel so that you can relax and put your feet up. Our service is like no other. Each client is a VIP and your file is our priority!

Our Mission

At Minashpro our mission is to assist individuals and families with a seamless transition into the Canadian immigration system. Expert team members eliminate any hurdles with immigration applications and go the extra mile to guarantee success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the fastest growing company that helps create a better way of life for those wishing to immigrate to Canada.

Toronto, Canada

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Client Testimonials

Minashpro Immigration assisted us with all the documents for the spousal sponsorship and the process was a breeze thanks to their competence and efficiency. I'm now living in Canada as a permanent resident with my family. I will definitely use Minashpro to file for my Canadian citizenship application in the near future when I'm eligible .

 I would recommend Miinashpro to everyone who needs efficient services.

Michelle Brown

After my application has being refused before I was wondering what was my next step then someone as referred me to Minashpro  Immigration. Given that I live out of the city their tech savvy helped me to eliminate the unnecessary  trips to Kingston by doing nearly everything for me  online.
I highly recommend  Minashpro Immigration to just about anyone who have difficulty with their application or just need it to be done successfully and efficiently.

Lisa Thompson

Minashpro immigration did all the paperwork for me to quickly get my visitor's visa. The whole thing was done in less than a month. I did not have to join any long lines to bring in any documents. They accepted all my documents via WhatsApp and email. I love their customer service and how technologically advanced they are unlike some of the older lawyers and consultants. This company is very up-to-date and knowledgeable.

Andrea Simpson

. I am very happy to say that I received my Visitors’ Visa in approximately three weeks, after my application was submitted, and Miss Graham is still working assiduously with me to ensure that I join my husband as soon as possible. MinashPro Inc. is a great company, that I would recommend to anyone who is serious about making the life changing decision of visiting or moving to Canada.

Mrs. Kareen Hall-Clarke

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